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i can't take my eyes off of you. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Dec 2006|08:02pm]
no matter how good things are, christmas gets worse and worse. december is inevitably miserable for me. not all 31 days, but more of them than any other months.. combined, maybe.

my life is really really good though.
i am extremely pro-living.
and EXTREMELY anti-christmas.
just END.

also, Candy is my favorite book, up there with choke, invisible monsters, and echo. the epitomy of mood altering.

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[01 Nov 2006|08:05pm]
BEST HALLOWEEN OF MY LIFE PROBABLY i was the greatest single antennaed bumblebee and went to a monmouthbeach party and it was lots of drunken fun.

but more importantly, a distanced friend (who hopefully never sees this) just texted me saying "i am in condom kingdom right now and thought of you, everything is penis haha .. i was gonna buy you something there is honestly anything penis you can think of."

AND I AM SO CONTENT WITH THAT :] gosh i rule. and now i want to go there, and also to the museum of sex (with meeesh to CELEBRATE ahhhah<3)


[29 Oct 2006|09:52pm]
this weekend i ate more food than i have in the past month combined. i was a bumblebee and mich&dawn&i were celebrities for a day and i got micheles tire slashed and we were losers and we got a sketchy free tire and went pumpkin stealing and baking with apklove and i have him our fishy, grampa!

really, i never want these days to end. homecoming friday, i'm excited. halloween tuesday my favorite!

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[12 Oct 2006|09:54pm]
i dont believe in perfect or happy or forever or love or the end. they are stupid words that cannot even remotely encompass their supposed meanings. their meanings do not exist. i am a 'happy' person, i have friends who i 'love' but i know the limits of those terms and don't blow them up to be something they are not. all they actually are is fleeting.

i dont know why i wrote that. ANYWAY michele lived her for a couple of days and it was nice we did hw together and danced in rainstorms. seanypiepie is a convict and it's beeaaattt. kevindevine comes back to icafe soon, and say anything in novembfer and the format :] :] :]


[05 Oct 2006|10:17pm]
poor little olive, oliver, olivest, and greg. bahahahaha!! every day, me and nancy go on ridiculous adventures and are the dumbest people in the world pretty much.

i was actually at a beach yesterday and it was gorgeous. in october.

i have to visit colleges this weekend!! probably sat-monday :/ i'm so beat, all the time. i miss my car.

i really love the format. and regina spektor. and menwomen&children. and againstme!. aaand michele bolona cause i creep on her more than anyone. aand kandice covelli because we rekindled our love.

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[25 Sep 2006|11:27pm]
this school year routine is not bad at all. my classes are supremely easy, and i have many early dismissals leaving long days for adventures to come.

mater dei won a game on thursday against shore! it was exciting cheertime, and i was actually allowed to sleep out for the afterparty on friday at jaycash's<33 which was good. but then i immediately got grounded for alcohol in my car, and i no longer have a car for quite some time.

i was very very hysterical over this, but at least i'm not grounded, so it's just like being 16 again, which wasn't all that bad. i just hate being a burden on anyone.

anyway, little things have made me happy such as ETAK! and scotie being here for the weekend complete with saki and ridiculous thrift purchases; having a very old flame tell his momma i get prettier every day; the format/ metric/ say anything/ regina spektor; and looking forward to bestfriend photoshoots, and later boyfriend adventures all over jersey ;)

it's been a down phase for a few days, but i've quickly shed it. i can overcome anything right now, i love my friends and my life indefinately.


[08 Sep 2006|01:27am]
not that even one slight particle of my life wants this summer to end, or school to commence, but i can't help being mildly excited for a new chapter of life. as much as i dread things, nothing is ever that bad. school will be fine. i complain that i don't have many friends in MD, but in actuality i really do talk to nearly everyone and 98% of the teachers absolutely love me. i am a fucking ray of sunshine whereever i go and it makes most aspects of life run smoothly. it's kind of cool to be a senior, and know that this phase is wrapping up. i just want to end it on a good night.

i'm kind of amped on getting my shit together again. quitting smoking, back to the gym, eating better, steadying shaky friendships. and these aren't empty intentions, i do this every year. i put my life back on track routinely but let it spiral off at will. it's like i sweep around the edges, but i love my chaos how it is.

last night of summer spent tailgating and at elberon. a fitting ending, i'd say, with the routine battlewounds to prove it. last day at the beach with meeeshy too :[

oh, by the way, i'd like to say hi to insomnia. hey insomnia, nice to see you again, thank you for accompanying the school year as usual.

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[04 Sep 2006|09:35am]
tropical storm ernesto<3 for real you're my boy. that was intensely fun rain, but now i'm kind of glad i can still get a couple more beach days in this summer! i got up at 8am to copy and paste spark notes into "AP journal" format so my dad will think i did them and let me go out. school friday? not worried, but not excited. i've been listening to old Good Charlotte all morning, that's pretty much all that matters.

i really love working at Zebu, the people are so much fun and when it get's hectic i get so amped and hyper, and when it's dead i drink entirely too much coffee and dance around like a maniac. it's a good deal.

hi, a real chubby's show this week made me smile. and the funny party afterwards where i did drunken gymnastics with a 9 year old and then danced with a milf. true story.

last night kristie and kaylee and sheppy had a birdy!! in rb. and i went to elboron with seany and today i have several PAINFUL battle wounds and a random towel on my floor. yeeee!<3

time to go make the most of these last few days :]


[30 Aug 2006|03:46pm]
days like this, when i'm grounded and exhausted and dirty and nursing several battle wounds, i can't help but sit back and wonder how my life got so good, and just so ridiculous. theres nothing like waking up with mud and inexplainable bumps and bruises covering half your body. and being able to sit around doing nothing all day just giggling at the though of a random moment from the night before. if only my whole life could be spent in a rainy mudpile at PNC, i'd be set. throw in a couple of silver acuras and pothead cabdrivers and i'd be complete.

so many nights of the past 3months have sounded like this.

oh my goodness. how do these things even happen to me? i really hope this comfortable oblivion doesn't fade when summer ends.

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[22 Aug 2006|01:19am]
LBI this weekend with michele and mackenzie, was the greatest time of my summer. there was so much love and relaxation and childish fun and porchmonkeys, and mostly loooove<33 OCP forever, tiny dancers ;)

today was micheles birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY she is legal and i love her, and her family and sawa, so very very much.

people are starting to leave for college and it's a little bit difficult. i think it is mostly because i'd prefer to leave, rather than be left. "perfection aint perfect, a leaver will find. i find this all the time."

back to LBI tomorrow night with seanypie hopefully, after WORK AT ZEBU 5-10 COME EAT.

i'm so gooood at living life.

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